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The STAR research review is conducted annually to identify developments in reading research related to STAR training and technical assistance.

The 2018 Research Review looks at the following articles:

  1. Adults with poor reading skills and the inferences they make during reading.
  2. Building background knowledge through reading.
  3. Educational attainment: Limited implications for adult literacy learners.
  4. Effective teacher professional development.
  5. How less-skilled adult readers experience word-reading.
  6. Morpho-phonemic analysis boosts word reading for adult struggling readers.
  7. Performance and beliefs: Two assessments of literacy learners in prison, Parts I & II.
  8. Readers in adult basic education: Component skills, eye movements, and fluency.
  9. Reading fluency and college readiness.
  10. Research updates: Reading, numeracy, and language education.
  11. Rethinking text sets.
  12. The effect of context on processing words during sentence reading among adults varying in age and literacy skill.
  13. Using the PIACC Literacy Framework to guide instruction: An introduction for adult educators.
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ABE/Adult Education
Evidence-Based Reading Instruction (EBRI)
Learning Disabilities
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Research/Evidence-Based Practice
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