Program Management and Educational Leadership: All Resources, Research and Curriculum

Aspen Family Prosperity Innovation Community Index
This 24-page publication from the Aspen Institute provides links and brief annotations for resources and organizations which help bolster family and community economic stability and growth.
Document, Website
Re-Entry Resources for Ex-Offenders
This set comprises two websites and two PDF documents. CareerOneStop – Job Search Help for Ex-Offenders (website): The website provides basic outlines and checklists for exploring careers, finding job training, and identifying job opportunities. CareerOneStop – ReEntry (website): Similar to the...
Developing Multicultural Organizations: A Change Model
This resource is an outline of the stages, perspectives, and beliefs which enable organizations to move towards and sustain a diverse, multicultural environment.
From Andragogy to Heutagogy
This short article provides a definition of and rationale for embracing the educational concept of heutagogy: self-determined learning.
Heutagogy and Lifelong Learning
This resource is a comparison of andragogy and heutagogy, with brief comments on practical and technological design elements for programs.
Heutagogy: A Holistic Framework
This resource is a book chapter describing the “principles, processes, and design of heutogogic learning environments.”
Lifeline Support for Affordable Communications
From the FCC, this resource is an explanation of the discount available to low-income families and individuals for telephone and internet services.
Making It Worth the Stay
Drawn from collaborations with 18 adult literacy programs, this extensive report details the support mechanisms and strategies necessary at every programmatic stage to ensure that learners meet their educational goals.
The Mindset Kit
This resource is a collection of short videos and tip sheets intended to aid teachers, mentors, and parents in fostering a learning mindset in their respective environments.
Exploring Coaching for Powerful Technology Use in Education
This resource is an overview of the features and factors necessary for effective instructional coaching of teachers, especially in regard to technology implementation.