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mindset works
This website contains a wealth of resources, including videos, on mindset. Mindset Works was co-founded by Carol Dweck, author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success .
Spotlight: Growth Mindset
This resource contains a variety of articles on growth mindset, including summaries of research on the topic as well as articles and a commentary. Although there is a small fee to download the entire document, it is possible to access a limited number of articles for free, as a guest. This is...
The Growth Mindset
This video is a 47-minute talk that Carol Dweck gave at Google. There are also links to shorter clips taken from that video on: 1. the culture of growth mindset (3.5 minutes) 2. looking for growth mindset in hires (2 minutes) 3. false growth mindset (1.5 minute)
Supplement to the Handbook for Sustaining Standards-Based Education in Adult Education: Checklists for Assessing Effective Implementation
Abstract: This document is designed as a resource for state and local program leaders looking to support the effective implementation of state academic content standards. At the center of this supplement are two checklists. One is the State Leadership Checklist. State staff can use this as a self-...
Research-Based Resources that Support the Massachusetts Indicators of Program Quality
The SABES PD Center for Educational Leadership and Strengthening Programs has compiled the attached resources list to support you in providing a rationale for your programmatic decisions. Search for them individually via the Resource Library link above.
Putting a Price on People Problems at Work
What toll do workplace issues take on the bottom line of an organization? This article seeks to shed some light on the realities of these "costs."
Shhh, the Dragon is Asleep and Its Name Is Resistance
This article looks at factors that result in resistance to educational change and how to work with these issues. At the end of the first article are two shorter articles. The first is "10 Things to Do About Resistance," and the second is "Recognizing the Face of Resistance."
So You Think You Can Lead
This short article looks at what is needed to become and effective educational leader.
WIOA Program Readiness Self-Assessment Tool for Massachusetts ABE Programs
This WIOA Program Readiness Self-Assessment Tool for Massachusetts ABE Programs is designed to help local programs prepare for and navigate the transition to WIOA. Based on the National Adult Education Professional Development Consortium’s WIOA Readiness Assessment, it is intended to guide programs...
Four Predictions for Students' Tomorrows
"To make students' futures better, we need to consider what skills they will need—and teach them. If we really want to prepare students for life beyond school, we could begin by asking ourselves what pieces of our own education we are using now as adults. That is an edgy question, and many teachers...