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Blending College Preparation and Career Development for Adult Students in New England
Drawing from a two-year demonstration project, this report outlines the factors and variables which lead to learner persistence and success in college, including implications for programs and further research.
College and Career Readiness Standards: Career Awareness Context
This resource is a checklist of the steps and stages a program may follow to help learners identify career interests and strengthen related skills. Sample lesson plans, activities, and handouts are included.
Nepris Video Library
This resource is a collection of hundreds of videos covering all manner of career fields -- business, medicine, engineering, natural sciences, and beyond -- with some videos connecting academic subject areas to careers. Note: An online account must be created for video access.
The Career Readiness Project: Career & Life Coaching Report
This resource is a description of the coaching/mentoring mindset and approaches that help strengthen parents’ (and learners’) goal-setting and decision-making, especially with regard to employment.
Using Behavioral Insights to Increase Participation in Social Services Programs: A Case Study
This resource is a guide to the challenges and supports -- including informational structure and presentation -- that might affect social services clients (and literacy learners) in the quest for services from federal, state, and local entities.
Resources About Immigrant Safety, Rights, and Dialogue
This resource is a “meta-file” of links to online documents, guidelines, best practices, and videos, all of which will aid literacy program staff in supporting the educational, civic, and legal concerns of immigrant learners.
Developing Multicultural Organizations: A Change Model
This resource is an outline of the stages, perspectives, and beliefs which enable organizations to move towards and sustain a diverse, multicultural environment.
From Andragogy to Heutagogy
This short article provides a definition of and rationale for embracing the educational concept of heutagogy: self-determined learning.
Heutagogy and Lifelong Learning
This resource is a comparison of andragogy and heutagogy, with brief comments on practical and technological design elements for programs.
Heutagogy: A Holistic Framework
This resource is a book chapter describing the “principles, processes, and design of heutogogic learning environments.”