Digital Literacy: All Resources, Research and Curriculum

Aspirations Toolkit
The Aspirations Toolkit is a set of counseling and instructional practices and tools contributed to the National College Transition Network (NCTN) by adult educators around the country and compiled. Contributors implement these lessons and activities with adult learners in various class types (e.g...
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Distance Learning and Digital Literacy Research and Evidence-Based Practice Resources
The SABES PD Center for Distance Learning and Technology has gathered this resource list to provide you with research-based evidence to support your decisions around distance learning, digital literacy, and technical support.
IDEAL Distance Education and Blended Learning Handbook
Newly revised by Ideal Consortium, this handbook looks at how to run successful distance learning and blended learning programs. Although the handbook takes a more national perspective, with data from many different states, it doesn’t supersede Massachusetts guidelines (as each state has its own...
Blended Learning for the Adult Education Classroom
This online publication by David Rosen and Carmine Steward from Essential Education gives examples of what blended learning is all about.
Low-Cost Options for High-Speed Technology for Adult Education Staff and Learners
Most smartphones have data usage plans for accessing the Internet. However, if students use their own devices’ data plans for their WiFi connection, they can go through their data limit in a hurry. Here are some resources to explore for low-cost options for high-speed technology: Guide to Low-Cost...
Student Technology Self-Assessment
My colleague, Kenny Tamarkin, developed this short student computer self-assessment rubric that was published in Adventures in Assessment . When using this six-question rubric, he found students would spend just a few minutes reading the descriptions of the six types of computer users/learners and...
Microsoft Office Skills Checklist
The Microsoft Office Skills Checklist has basic, intermediate, and advanced skills for all of the Microsoft Office suite applications except for Access, which is the database application available in some versions of Microsoft Office suite. You may ask why Microsoft Office suite? It is the office...
International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) Standards for Students
ISTE released their third iteration of Standards for Students in June 2016. These standards are, “designed to prepare student for work and life in this uncertain future.” ISTE projects that 65% of children entering grade school will work in jobs that do not exist today. In ISTE's report Redefining...
Capitol One - Future Edge Digital Literacy Challenge
The Capitol One – Future Edge Digital Literacy Challenge in a new assessment that tests for the following ten core digital competencies: Computer fundamentals Searching, Microsoft Word Digital communications Digital etiquette Security Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint Focus on Work LinkedIn and...
Microsoft Digital Literacy Assessment
Microsoft Digital Literacy is an assessment of digital literacy skills. The assessments included are: Computer basics The Internet and World Wide Web Productivity programs Computer security and privacy Digital lifestyles Each assessment includes an e-learning companion course. The assessment comes...