SMARTT and Cognos: All Resources, Research and Curriculum

How to Access Educational Functioning Level (EFL) Completion Data
EFL data shows student progress as measured by assessment scores and designated according to the National Reporting System. It can be viewed at different levels— from the state down to the site. This tutorial shows you how to access EFL data and supporting materials in Cognos and the ACLS website.
SMARTT Works with Windows 10 + Internet Explorer 11
This tutorial shows you how to run Internet Explorer 11 with the new Windows 10.
All A, B, C, Goals that were set and met by your students, by class
A video tutorial showing how to access and customize a report that shows student names in each class and the specific goals they set and met. Useful for advisors, counselors, and teachers.
Cognos Logon Page
Link to webpage where UserID and password are used to access Cognos.
Cognos Online Manual
Use this link to access the online version of the Cognos Manual.
Get a Cognos Logon
This resource provides instructions for applying to receive a Cognos UserID and temporary password.
HOW DO I GET HELP?? TA -- Technical Assistance and training
Simple instructions and links to obtain technical assistance, tutorials and training for SMARTT and Cognos.
How to see your program's performance standard summary report
Short pdf tutorial covering steps for accessing and printing the Summary of the Performance Standards Report for the previous fiscal year. New reports come out in early September.
SMARTT Logon Page
Link to webpage where UserID and password are used to access SMARTT.
SMARTT System Information Webpage
The SMARTT System Information webpage on the ACLS site provides links to all forms, monthly mailings, and other supplementary materials supplied by ACLS.