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New England Literacy Resource Center 2019 PD Calendar
First 2019 NELRC Webinar: Building a Teacher Pipeline Jan. 11, 1:00‐2:00 (Registration link ) The field is facing a wave of staff retirements and the on‐going challenge of teacher retention. Many programs are also committed to building a staff that reflects the diversity of their students. Hear how...
Title: College Affordability Guide
Are you wondering if you can afford to return to school? provides valuable tools for researching the most affordable colleges and universities. Students can learn how to save money on their education in Massachusetts, find financial literacy and budgeting advice , and...
When learning disabilities in adults go undiagnosed
This overview blog discusses five learning disabilities and for each offers links to other blogs specifically focused on teaching strategies. When learning disabilities in adults go undiagnosed was submitted by Meredith Cicerchia on Fri, 08/18/2017, to the Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS) blog at...
Learning to Achieve
Learning to Achieve is a suite of resources designed to build teacher effectiveness in providing instruction for adults with learning disabilities (LD). It includes an integrated set of research-based resources and professional development materials available for self-study or trainer-led events.
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Making Connections Between Research and Practice COABE Webinar Recording
This webinar, led by Alisa Belzer from Rutgers University and Dr. Margaret Patterson from Research Allies for Lifelong Learning, was recorded in March 2017.
Social and Technology Enabled Professional (STEP) Social Media Resources
The Social Technology Enabled Professional (STEP) was created by Education Development Center (EDC) and a panel of social technology experts in a project funded by the National Science Foundation. These experts defined a Social Technology Enabled Professional as someone who “builds, maintains,...
Finding Texts: The Change Agent
This biannual magazine for adult learners and educators uses socially relevant material with lesson plans and extensions that help learners to practice skills representing some of the key shifts in the new CCRS. Recent issues contain charts showing exactly which articles and lesson plans are...