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We have updated the list of FY22 August - December 2021 LACES Trainings. If you have further training needs, please complete this Request Form.

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LACES: Upcoming Events


LACES Refresher Q & A (Online Facilitated)

LiteracyPro’s Shannon Stangis will facilitate this question and answer session where you can ask any LACES-related questions for data entry...


LACES NRS Tables (Online Facilitated)

LiteracyPro’s Shannon Stangis will facilitate this two-hour webinar and review NRS requirements, definitions, and information for the NRS tables.


LACES Beginner Desk Review (Online Facilitated)

LiteracyPro’s Shannon Stangis will present this two-part training, an overview of how to complete the LACES Desk Review process. Part...

LACES: Resources, Research and Curriculum