Covid Pandemic

In this time of upheaval, it's important to understand as best we can what is happening. Our Center wants to support you and your students by offering resources that focus on real data, in real time to help make some sense of what's happening. 

Ready-to-Use Pandemic Lesson Materials

We've developed two sets of math materials on pandemics, one for ABE-level students and the other for ASE-level students. The links below will take you to Dropbox folders where you can download the lessons, teacher materials, and other supporting files.

PD for Pandemic Lesson Materials

For support using the lessons above, you can attend a section of our webinar How Pandemics Spread: Teaching the Math at Different Levels. Attendees will sample some of the math activities from the materials. You can register for the next session on January 15, 2021 here. We will add new sections throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

Other Resources

Here are some other resources about pandemics and data sources that monitor the COVID-19 pandemic in real time:

And, of course, the Center for Disease Control is also offering up-to-date data on the pandemic:

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