The Developing Core Proficiencies Curriculum is an integrated set of English Language Arts/Literacy units spanning grades 6-12. Funded by the USNY Regents Research Fund, the free curriculum is comprised of a series of four units at each grade level that provide direct instruction on a set of literacy proficiencies at the heart of the Common Core State Standards. Each unit highlights a core literacy proficiency and provides approaches, instructional sequences, handouts, tools and texts for developing independent mastery and creative critical thinking in students.


Unit 1: Reading Closely for Textual Details

Unit 2: Making Evidence-Based Claims

Unit 3: Researching to Deepen Understanding

Unit 4: Building Evidence-Based Arguments

Each is available at several grade levels.

NOTE: This was developed for K-12 and the Common Core State Standards; it would need to be adapted for use by ABE and the College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education.

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