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Sometimes we may think our students need to be at a certain math level before they can work with tools like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Desmos, but there are many rich activities that are accessible to all of our students. Looking to real-world scenarios gives students a practical sense for math in context. Introducing technology in support of those problems can better prepare students to enter the workforce with multiple means of solving problems.

Throughout this set of 10 lesson plans, students learn how to investigate familiar math topics across the following math domains: algebra functions, data analysis and statistics, measurement and geometry, number systems, and ratios and proportions. The lessons begin by using traditional handwritten work. They extend that work to explore the value of technology and further advance our understanding and reasoning.

Each lesson plan includes:

  • Prior knowledge needed by learners
  • Activities that allow learners to explore math concepts
  • List of materials needed
  • Instructional strategies including ideas for differentiating for math abilities
  • Student handouts and answer keys
  • Formative assessments

The spreadsheet packet includes:

  • Ten differentiated and illustrated lesson plans aligned to the CCRSAE, Mathematical Practices, and Elements of Rigor (conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application)
  • Lesson Names by Domain (overview of all ten lessons and covered math content)
  • Digital Literacy Instructional Support (including online video- and text-based tutorials and practice for providing support to you and your students in advance)
  • Preparations for Remote Activities with Adult Learners (recommendations about preparations for remote activities with students, including technology considerations, handout preparation, and things to do before and during class)
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