We are pleased to share these resources for MA adult educators as you build your distance education plans and classes. If you have additional resources to share, please contact alexandra_papagno@worlded.org

Distance Education Planning Template, PD, and Resources

Be sure to use these valuable resources;

  1. Massachusetts' Distance Education Planning Template for adult education programs, which includes links to many resources and on-demand PD by each topic area. 
  2. The EdTech Center at World Education's recently updated 8th Edition of the IDEAL Distance Education and Blended Learning Handbook, which was updated in August 2022 to reflect the generous sharing across IDEAL states on the "breadth of issues that define distance education."
  3. The What, Why, Who, and How of Blended Learning for Adult Basic Skills Learners by national experts David Rosen and Jen Vanek (2020). This guide is for program teams who are hoping to initiate or improve blended learning for their students.

Distance Education Discussion and Community of Practice

Visit the online discussion (aka the ever-popular "Padlet"), where you will find resources to support teachers and students, organized by topics, including Technology Access, Recruitment, Screening, Orientation, Instruction and Advising, Assessment, Communication, and others.

Support for Using Zoom

Please visit our Zoom Resources page where you'll find our 7-minute Zoom Tutorial for Teachers and Student User Guides and Videos in six languages.

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