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Dori McCormack is the Director of the SABES ESOL Curriculum and Instruction Professional Development (PD) Center. As Director, she leads a team of staff and consultants in developing and delivering online and in-person standards-based professional development for ABE/ESOL teachers throughout Massachusetts.

Prior to this role, Dori worked for the SABES-West Regional PD Center for over ten years on ABE/ESOL curriculum development, assessment, workforce development, advising, and ABE-to-college-transitions. She holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics and over 25 years of experience in the Adult ESOL field. Her work has included teaching in a variety of contexts, from community-based programs to college writing classes; managing an education program in a correctional facility; educating ESOL teachers in both Massachusetts and Cuba; and presenting at state, national, and regional conferences. Dori was also a contributor to the Massachusetts Professional Standards for Teachers of Adult ESOL and The Massachusetts English Language Proficiency Standards for Adult Education.

Dori’s experience, education, and dedication to English learners and teachers inform her work in providing high quality professional development to the adult ESOL field.

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