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Is your program interested in hosting a PD session by national expert Mary Ann Corley on formative assessment for reading and writing in May 2019? (In-house—no travel time for your staff!)

Please contact the ELA Curriculum and Instruction PD Center director, Merilee Freeman, at or 508-854-4296. 

Spending time on lesson planning is just one, albeit hugely important, part of teaching. Once that plan is put into action, how can you be sure that your students are learning as you teach?

Formative assessment is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. Because it occurs while the learning is taking place rather than at the end of an instructional unit, it is viewed as assessment FOR learning, rather than assessment OF learning. Formative assessment truly drives instruction when conducted while students are practicing the skills.

Through participation in this PD opportunity, you will be able to:

  1. Define formative assessment and its benefits for classroom instruction
  2. Describe strategies for checking for student understanding, with an emphasis on student reading comprehension and writing
  3. Identify strategies for using rubrics both for student self-review of their writing as well as for peer review
  4. List elements of effective teacher feedback
  5. Set a goal for using two formative assessment strategies in your classes

The onsite session will consist of five PD hours, and will be followed up by a supporting online discussion forum.

The available dates for this face-to-face training are May 8 (Wednesday), May 15 (Wednesday), or May 17 (Friday).

Interested? Please contact ELA Center director Merilee Freeman, at or 508-854-4296.

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