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As an adult education teacher, you do your best to teach, and some of your students make significant progress. Others, however, linger behind and struggle to move forward. Some of these students arrive with IEPs from the K–12 system, but many do not. You wonder, could there be something else going on? Could some kind of learning disability, learning difficulty, or learning difference be the root of this lack of progress? 

You asked for professional development to help you address these struggles . . . and we heard you! 

The three SABES Curriculum & Instruction PD Centers for ELA, ESOL, and Math have partnered with LINCS to offer the Introduction to Learning Disabilities in Adults series. These are three online, self-paced modules that will provide you with a solid foundation upon which to strengthen your practice.

  • Module 1: Definitions of Learning Disabilities, explores differences in the definitions of LD and the consequences for adults with LD.
  • Module 2: Accommodations, is about instructional accommodations appropriate for individuals with LD.
  • Module 3: Workforce Preparation Strategies, reviews practical strategies to help adults with LD find and retain employment.

After completing all three modules, you are eligible to register for our face-to-face or blended PD offerings:

Instructional supports and strategies for struggling learners end up being good teaching that helps all students learn more effectively. The Introduction to Learning Disabilities in Adults series will help you learn how to support your students in making progress, with or without written formal LD documentation. 

PD Center: 

C&I PD Centers Collaboration

C&I PD Centers Collaboration