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The Program Support PD Center team is excited to collaborate with ACLS to coordinate access to trainings and resources for Newsela.

About Newsela

Newsela takes authentic content from trusted sources and makes it instruction-ready. Each text is published at five reading levels, ranging from 3rd to 12th grade. Each leveled text features a quiz and a prompt that asks students to respond in writing to what they've read. With over 14,000 texts across 20+ genres, Newsela enables educators to go deep on any subject they choose. You can learn more here

ACLS offers free access to the full Newsela catalogue. See instructions below to sign up.

Sign up for Newsela

If you wish to use Newsela, you can set up a Newsela account with access to the full Newsela catalog using either one of these methods at

  • If you have a Gmail or Microsoft email address provided by the institution where you work, log in using that agency Gmail or Microsoft address; or,
  • Create a username and password using your agency email

Please note that anyone may sign up for a free Newsela Lite account using a personal email, which gives access to four pre-selected articles at a time, their corresponding reading comprehension quizzes and customizable writing prompts, and the ability to annotate these articles. However, you gain additional access to their full library of content articles and the Massachusetts Custom ABE Collection when you use your agency email.

If you have questions or need support, please contact

SABES Professional Development

SABES will be offering six Newsela workshops in FY24. You can find and register for workshops on the SABES Calendar by typing "Newsela" in the "Title" field.

Upcoming SABES Newsela PD:

 Supporting ELLs with Newsela on Thursday, 11/30/2023 from 1:00 to 2:30 PM


PSPDC On-Demand Recorded PD sessions

Designing Learning Experiences with Newsela, 11/2/2023

Customized Newsela Collections for Massachusetts

Signing up through your DESE-funded agency e-mail address will give you access to materials customized for Massachusetts adult educators and students!

Sign in to Newsela with your DESE-funded agency e-mail and click on Browse to find the collections created for Massachusetts:

  1. Literacy Skills Development
  2. High School Equivalency Preparation
  3. Digital Literacy
  4. Career Exploration Pathways
  5. Workforce Preparation Activities
  6. Civics Education

We welcome your feedback! Please share your feedback on these pilot collections to the SABES Newsela Coordinator:

Professional Development: On Demand, Anywhere, Any Time

SABES, ACLS, and Newsela partnered to provide five online trainings in FY22. These asynchronous recordings are available for you any time.

  1. Discovering Newsela (9/4/21): agenda and video
  2. Differentiating Instruction with Newsela (10/8/21): agenda and video
  3. Supporting Student Engagement and Guiding Inquiry with Newsela (10/22/21): agenda and video
  4. Hybrid Instruction and the Newsela–Massachusetts Custom Collection (12/3/21): agenda and video
  5. Analyzing Student Activity in Newsela (1/21/22): agenda and video

     Newsela "On Demand" learning opportunities on the Newsela professional development page, including these topics: 

    • Getting Started with Newsela
    • Integrating my LMS with Newsela
    • Looking for Content
    • Assigning and Customized Content
    • Assessing Students and Using Data to Plan