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Please note: When we learned that there was also a Directors' Council meeting scheduled on 1/28, we rescheduled our Directors' Sharing Group in Worcester for this snow date, with fingers crossed that we won't end up needing a snow date. Thanks, Luanne

The SABES Program Support PD Center hosts these sessions, which are designed to provide you with opportunities to meet, network, and share strategies with your director colleagues.

In addition to time for networking and sharing, we are pleased that Sandy Goodman will be joining us to help you explore a topic that has surfaced in previous sessions: the advising work and models in your programs.

In response to requests, we will introduce a new option for those interested to stay after the general meeting from 12:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. to meet with Program Support PD Center Co-Director Luanne Teller, who will be available to respond to individual questions or needs.


This professional development activity/course is designed for:

  • Novice and experienced program directors, coordinators, and other educational leaders who are interested in sharing and learning together

As we gather for the second of these FY20 sharing meetings, SABES Program Support PD Center Co-Director Luanne Teller will facilitate discussions so you can share ideas, strategies, challenges, and successes. This portion of the discussion focuses on the key issues that you bring.

Also in this meeting, we welcome Program Support Co-Director Sandy Goodman, who develops, delivers, and oversees PD that supports best practices for advising.

Many directors have indicated that they would welcome ideas for how to best design and support advising in their programs. Using IPQ #6 as our guide, we will discuss ways that directors can help advisors to establish role clarity, manage their time and caseload, use data to maximize impact, collaborate with teachers to design contextualized classroom activities and workshops, and leverage community resources. We hope you will bring both your challenges as well as your effective practices to share with the group. 

Please join us for the second of these regularly scheduled meetings for mutual learning and support this year. As part of this meeting, we will discuss how we can customize topics for upcoming meetings according to your interests and needs.

While these sharing groups are intended for directors, we understand that for this session, some might be interested in bringing members of their advising team. Advising staff are welcome to participate with you as team members, but the focus of this session is on helping directors think in an overarching way about how you can lead your team in the design of your advising program.

Note: Please hold February 4, 2020, as a snow date.

If you are unable to attend this session, you are welcome to attend one of the other regional groups which are scheduled as follows:

For more information, please contact

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02/04/2020 - 10:00am to 1:00pm
Quinsigamond Community College, Ahlfors Building, Room 111
670 West Boylston Street
Worcester, MA 01606
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Program Management and Educational Leadership

SABES Program Support PD Center - Program Management and Educational Leadership
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Educational Leadership
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