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Do you have some basic or intermediate-level experience with Google Classroom? Do you want to know more about how to use the tools and settings in effective and creative ways with your students or staff? If you’ve ever tried to use Google Classroom as a tool and would benefit from more constructive guidance based on your specific interests and needs, then this session is designed for you!

Join us for an in-person, hands-on session to: 

  • Talk with a teacher experienced in successfully using Google Classroom for a range of purposes. 
  • Review and dive more deeply into using Stream (discussion), Assignments, Topics, Adding Multimedia Materials and other features, plus, as an added bonus, the Google Applied Digital Skills courses. Ask questions and get real-time, hands-on support while you try out authentic tasks. 
  • Exchange implementation ideas with colleagues.

Our goal is to help you come away with:

  • The knowledge you need to effectively navigate Google Classroom technology, and new ideas for how to use this tool to enhance your teaching

    This professional development activity/course is designed for:

  • Attendees of the December 16 Google Classroom workshop, as well as teachers, advisors, and others who have very basic to intermediate level experience using Google Classroom


  • The workshop will be Monday, January 27 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • Following the workshop, your assignment will be to develop an objective and plan for using Google Classroom with students; to create a resource or activity to meet that objective; and post to the discussion forum by February 10.

The total time for this PD activity is approximately 6 hours. We estimate the time as follows:

  • Workshop: 3 hours
  • Assignment: 3 hours
    Learning Objectives

    Upon completion of this professional development activity/course, you will be able to:

  • Identify at least one new idea for how to enhance your instruction by using Google Classroom with your students
  • Manage your Google Classroom through adding lessons, tracking student progress, and communicating with students
  • Develop an objective and plan for using your Google Classroom with students and create a resource or activity to meet that objective
Presenter(s) / Facilitator(s)

In order to maximize your learning outcomes from the session, this will be interactive and hands-on. To make this possible, please do the following: 

  • Come to the workshop able to access your Google Classroom account. If you have one through your school’s Gmail account, make sure you are able to access it outside of your program site. If needed, create a practice Google Classroom using a non-school Gmail account for the purposes of this workshop. 
  • Bring a laptop or tablet to the workshop. 
  • If you haven’t already, develop a general knowledge of how to access Google Docs and Google Sheets. If you need to become familiar or brush up, click the link bellow to access GCFLearnFree tutorials: 

Quinsigamond Community College, The Harrington Center, Room 109 B
670 West Boylston Street
Worcester, MA 01606
United States

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