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We see students with visible and hidden disabilities of all kinds in our programs, but we aren’t always aware of the resources and technology available in our communities to assist them. Join the Program Support PD Center at the Worcester MassMATCH Assistive Technology Resource Center (ATRC).  We’ll tour and explore hundreds of high- and low-tech devices that can assist people with a variety of needs and abilities.  


This professional development activity/course is designed for:

  • ADA coordinators
  • Any adult educator (teacher, advisor, director) who wishes to learn more about the variety of assistive technologies available for adult learners and classrooms

Assistive technologies can help people with disabilities participate more fully in learning activities and be more independent at work, home and in their communities. Assistive technologies may be low-tech or high-tech. They include any item (including readily accessible software) or piece of equipment (including simple magnifiers) that can be used to maintain or improve the daily abilities of people with disabilities.

The purpose of MassMATCH is to get assistive technology  into the hands of people with disabilities through programs like the ATRC. During this hands-on event, we’ll tour and explore hundreds of high- and low-tech devices that can assist people with a variety of needs and abilities and learn about the ATRC short-term loan program for the public (that’s you and your learners) to take and try devices for up to four weeks.

For an example of the types of devices that are available and that we’ll explore during our tour, visit the ATRC Searchable Inventory.

Learning Objectives: 

Upon completion of this professional development activity/course, you will be able to:

  • Describe 3-5 assistive devices and how they might be used by a person with a specific type of disability
  • Use the ATRC searchable inventory
  • Describe the process for completing a loan request from the ATRC
03/27/2020 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm
MassMATCH Assistive Technology Regional Center, Easterseals
484 Main Street, 6th Floor
Worcester, MA 01608
PD Center: 

ADA Training and Resources

SABES Program Support PD Center - ADA Training and Resources
Topic Area: 
ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)
Learning Disabilities
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