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As programs plan for reconvening classes in the fall, there are many complex challenges that need to be fully addressed in order to resume instruction that is accessible, safe, and meaningful. Directors must respond to a myriad of staff and student needs, local policies and protocols, and state guidance.

In response to the August 3 Fall Reopening Guidance from ACLS, the SABES Program Support PD Center is hosting a round of Directors’ Sharing and Learning Group meetings to provide you with the opportunity to network and share your challenges, ideas, and strategies for returning to classes in the fall.

We will take some time to discuss opportunities that we are planning to support your work in FY21; however, this meeting will not have a formal agenda. Our purpose is to offer you a platform for coming together and sharing your thoughts.

This session will be facilitated by Luanne Teller and Diana Satin. We encourage you to come with questions and needs that your colleagues can help you think through.


    This professional development activity/course is designed for:

  • Novice and experienced program directors, coordinators, and other educational leaders who are interested in sharing and learning together

As we gather for the first of these FY21 sharing meetings, Luanne and Diana will facilitate this online conversation so you can share ideas, strategies, challenges, and successes. Our discussion will focus on the key issues that you bring.

We will be meeting via Zoom, and Ruzica Banovic will send you information and the link for joining online a few days prior to the meeting.

Thanks to our ability to meet virtually, you are welcome to attend any of the meetings if the date planned with your local director colleagues is not convenient. As always, members of your leadership team are also welcome to attend.

The schedule for the other regional sessions is as follows:

Please note: If you have specific topics you would like to coordinate in advance, please email with the topic and date of the session you plan to attend.

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