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How are you doing with your dive into distance education and blended learning? This “Coffee Hour” session is specifically designed for those with some experience and comfort in these areas. 

You will have the opportunity to share your work, ask questions, exchange ideas for strengthening your programs, and discuss research-based successful practices. We will also set aside some time to brainstorm how these sessions, which we plan to offer monthly, might be most useful to you moving forward. To ensure enough time for questions and discussion, our Coffee “Hours'' are planned for 90 (not 60) minutes!

There is another webinar for those who are beginners with little or no experience with distance education or blended learning on September 10.

Please note that in addition to upcoming professional development offerings from SABES, there are opportunities from the EdTech Center @ World Education, including 3-hour self-paced courses on topics such as blended learning, mobile learning, and the Change Agent, as well as 1-hour webinars from mLearning and Distance Education.


    This professional development activity/course is designed for:

  • Administrators, instructors, and others with some experience in distance education or blended learning who are interested in building their knowledge and skills in these areas

To make the webinar as productive as possible, please post your questions, and any resources or strategies you are toying with and would like to share by posting to our Padlet for questions.

If you have little or no experience or are new to distance education and blended learning, please register for the Coffee Hour webinar on September 10

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