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Adult education providers are invited to participate in a Teaching Skills That Matter (TSTM) in Massachusetts Adult Education launch webinar to learn more about the program.

This webinar will:

  • Provide adult education practitioners information on TSTM skills, topic areas, and approaches
  • Describe how TSTM aligns with ACLS priorities for curriculum and instruction
  • Provide information on how TSTM will affect curriculum and instruction in adult education programs
  • Provide a timeline for TSTM implementation and training

After registering, a reminder and the Zoom link will be sent on Tuesday, 12/1, at 10:00 a.m. from


About Teaching Skills That Matter in Massachusetts Adult Education: 

In July 2020, ACLS joined a team of eight states participating in the Teaching the Skills That Matter (TSTM) in Adult Education project . This project, led by American Institute for Research (AIR) and the Office for Career, Technical and Adult Education (OCTAE), trains teachers to integrate the skills that matter to adult students using approaches that work across critical topic areas. Using the project's tools and training, adult education teachers can teach the transferable skills students need in these critical contexts.

Each participating TSTM state has a team of four teacher leaders and a state adult education representative.

A TSTM Team's Role:

The role of the MA TSTM team is to:

  • In collaboration with ACLS and SABES C&I centers,
    • develop the TSTM implementation and sustainability plan. ACLS anticipates releasing this plan in early 2021
    • train adult education and ESOL teachers in the TSTM teaching practices
  • Disseminate TSTM best teaching practices to adult education providers
  • Represent Massachusetts at national TSTM events

For questions related to TSTM after the webinar, please contact Dana Varzan-Parker, Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Policy Coordinator and TSTM Team Lead, at


  • Laura Porter, TSTM ESOL Teacher, Ludlow Area Adult Learning Center
  • Christa Exter, TSTM Math Teacher, Methuen Public Schools Adult Education
  • Brooke Machado, TSTM ELA Teacher, Boston Public Schools Adult Education
  • Lena Marecki, TSTM ESOL Teacher, Chelsea Public Schools Adult Education
  • Dana Varzan-Parker, TSTM Project Lead, Adult and Community Learning Services

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