How do we talk about issues that matter in our classes? How do we design our classes to create the space for such conversations to happen? In this two-part series with Facing History and Ourselves, we will consider why we teach in order to set intentions around how we teach. We will apply these understandings to the challenging arena of talking about issues that matter. Throughout, we will exercise our skills with colleagues in articulating and facilitating solutions around problems of practice, to best support our students.

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    This professional development activity/course is designed for:

  • All teachers and tutors (ELA, ESOL, math, social studies, science, workforce prep, etc.)

This is a two-part series. Session 2 builds on Session 1; please plan to complete both sessions.

Session 1: Establishing Safe and Brave Learning Environments (2 hours)

How do we create learning communities that lead to meaningful and deep growth and development? Before we even get to content and curriculum, educators need to critically center the learning environments they create, which means re-grounding ourselves in our “why”—in terms of education, our identities, and the socio-historical context of our moment.

In this first session, we will do this and more by equipping ourselves with the mindsets and tools to better know and support our students and establish safe and brave learning environments to develop voice and agency.

Session 2: Fostering Civil Discourse: How Do We Talk About Issues That Matter? (2 hours)

Engaging in civil discourse means bringing your mind, heart, and conscience to reflective conversations on topics that matter and in ways that allow you to extend your understanding through dialogue with others. It does not mean prioritizing politeness or comfort over getting to the heart of the matter.

In the second session, we will build on the safe and brave learning environments we cultivated in Session 1 to explore strategies for facilitating difficult conversations, from preparation to "in the moment" and afterward.

Please note: 1– 2 days before the event, registrants will receive a separate email from the SABES ELA team at World Education with instructions on how to access the Zoom session. For additional information, contact Zoe Reinecke at zoe_reinecke@worlded.org.

    Learning Objectives

    Upon completion of this professional development activity/course, you will be able to:

  • Utilize an equity lens and a historically informed pedagogical approach to support all students and reaffirm your purpose for teaching
  • Facilitate meaningful conversations around challenging topics, both within planned curriculum content and with topical issues that arise from current events
  • Engage in supportive conversations with colleagues around making curricular choices and pedagogical moves with clear learning outcomes in mind
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05/02/2023 - 1:00 pm to 05/02/2023 - 3:00 pm
05/16/2023 - 1:00 pm to 05/16/2023 - 3:00 pm

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Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Teaching
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