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The New Massachusetts English Language Proficiency Standards for Adult Education
The new Massachusetts English Language Proficiency Standards for Adult Education ( MA ELPS ) are here! The MA ELPS are a single set of standards designed to prepare adult English language learners for the complex language tasks required to successfully meet life, academic, and career goals in the...
Document, Video
MA ELPS (Massachusetts English Language Proficiency Standards) - Document and Overview Videos
This resource is comprised of two separate components: the Massachusetts English Language Proficiency Standards (MA ELPS) document, three overview videos. First , you will find the MA ELPS document - a revision of the "Massachusetts ABE Curriculum Framework for ESOL". They integrate the "College...
Templates for Curriculum and Instructional Planning
Templates for Writing an ESOL Scope and Sequence, Unit Plan, and Lesson Plan. All have been revised to reflect the Massachusetts English Language Proficiency Standards (MA ELPS).
Sample ESOL Unit Plans
A collection of sample unit plans for beginning, intermediate, and advanced level ESOL classes. These unit plans follow the template recommended by ACLS and SABES, and are aligned with the standards and benchmarks from the MA English Language Proficiency Standards for Adult Education (the MA ELPS).
Resources: Assessment
Looking for information on assessment? Learning objectives? Rubric creation? Take a look at these resources to get answers to your questions on these topics and more.
Resources: Components of Language
These resources provide a sampling of the components of English, such as pronunciation, collocations, error correction, and much more. Be sure to take a look and explore!
Resources: Cultural Awareness
Inclusivity, increasing awareness, interrupted formal education, microaggressions, are all topics of great import in our ESOL classrooms. Here you will find some resources to assist with ensuring your classroom is a welcoming environment for all students.
Resources: Curriculum and Lesson Planning
This document holds several great resources to help you access career/education exploration, better understand contextualized curriculum, develop learner centered curriculum, and learn about the need for ongoing digital literacy instruction in the ESOL classroom. Look them over and dive more deeply...
Resources: Instructional Delivery and Classroom Mangement
Looking for information on scaffolding, teaching a multilevel classroom, ways to provide appropriate feedback, and/or increasing student interaction within your classroom? Look no further. Check out these resources, which will provide you with information on these topics and much more.
Resources: Second Language Acquisition (SLA)
At the foundation of ESOL instruction is Second Language Acquisition principles and strategies. These resources will provide information on the key theorists and theories that drive today's instructional practices, touch upon comprehensible input and output, and discuss ways to increase student...