Math and Numeracy: All Resources, Research and Curriculum

Heat Wave: A math lesson plan exploring climate change
This sample contextualized lesson focuses on using box-and-whisker charts to compare sets of data in the context of exploring climate change. The lesson includes a lesson plan and teacher materials as well as student materials/handouts. A companion ZIP file containing PowerPoint slides for the...
Making Sense of Fractions - Video from the Math and Numeracy PD Center
Math matters to our students. It means much more than just passing a test, so it's important that we help them make sense of whatever math content they are learning. And yet sometimes we teach the same material over and over and just don't feel that students are "getting it." Why is that? What can...
Sample Instructional Unit: Area and Perimeter
This sample unit unit for Level A students focuses on students' understanding of area and perimeter in order to compare apartments.
Sample Instructional Unit: Ratio and Proportion
This sample unit for Level B students focuses on an understanding of ratios in order to correctly mix medication.
Math Instruction Resources
Resources for math instruction gathered by the SABES PD Center for Mathematics and Adult Numeracy: Using the PIAAC Numeracy Framework to Guide Instruction: An Introduction for Adult Educators (2017) . This guide encourages teachers to shift their teaching to focus more on the use of numeracy skills...
Math Curriculum Resources
Curriculum resources gathered by the SABES PD Center for Mathematics and Adult Numeracy: Building a Curriculum (video) . What exactly is a curriculum , and how do we create one for our program? This brief video defines what a curriculum is and how having one in place helps us as teachers...
CCRSAE for Math Resources
Resources on the College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education (CCRSAE) for Math: CCRSAE for Math Exploration . This narrated exploration provides an overview to the CCRSAE for Math. It includes quick glimpses of the Mathematical Practices and the key instructional shifts. Overview...
Research on Math
The SABES PD Center for Math has gathered this research to provide you with background information, a rationale, and evidence to support decisions around math teaching, curriculum, and program design: TEAL Math Works Guide . This guide from Teaching Excellence in Adult Literacy (TEAL) presents the...
The Teaching Gap (2009)
The Teaching Gap , by James W. Stigler and James Hiebert, has served as a valuable resource for participants in the Adult Numeracy Study Circle, developed by TERC and piloted with ACLS staff. This book describes the research on how teachers in U. S. schools compare with those in other countries,...
Adults Learning Mathematics (ALM) International Research Forum
ALM aims to promote the advancement of education by supporting the establishment and development of an international research forum for adult mathematics and numeracy. ALM has two key goals: To encourage research into adults learning mathematics at all levels and to then disseminate the results of...