This section highlights partner PD organizations and events, such as professional association conferences or U.S. Department of Education initiatives. Organizations represented here include, among others:

LINCS Professional Development

"As a resource gathering and professional development dissemination system, LINCS provides adult education practitioners with numerous ways to engage in personal and collaborative professional development activities. All LINCS materials and activities are created using evidence-based research and aim to help practitioners design and deliver high-quality educational opportunities to adult learners."

New England Literacy Resource Center

New England Literacy Resource Center supports the right of all adult members of our community to access adult education and training services regardless of race, religion, gender identity, immigration status, nationality, age or ability. We support programs in protecting the safety, dignity, and civil rights of all who attend. See their upcoming PD offerings on the FY19 Flyer

2nd NELRC 2019 WEBINAR: Where Math and ELA Skills Overlap: 
01/18/2019 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm;

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Partner Org PD: Resources, Research and Curriculum

Resource New England Literacy Resource Center 2019 PD Calendar
First 2019 NELRC Webinar: Building a Teacher PipelineJan. 11, 1:00‐2:00 (Registration link)The field is facing a wave of staff retirements and...
Resource Title: College Affordability Guide
Are you wondering if you can afford to return to school? provides valuable tools for researching the most...
Resource When learning disabilities in adults go undiagnosed
This overview blog discusses five learning disabilities and for each offers links to other blogs specifically focused on teaching strategies. ...