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Andy Nash is the Director of the New England Literacy Resource Center (NELRC), where she coordinates projects that emerge from collaboration among the policy-makers, professional developers, and practitioners in the six New England states. She is also a Professional Development Specialist at World Education, Inc, where she facilitates a diverse set of professional development projects at the local, state, and national levels. Andy specializes in the development and implementation of learning standards, ESOL, learner persistence, workplace education, and the integration of adult education with civic engagement.  Her current work includes the National Teacher Effectiveness in Adult Education project, in partnership with American Institutes for Research and funded by OVAE, and the roll-out of learning standards in Oregon and Washington for the Equipped for the Future initiative. She also consults with NCTN on various initiatives that involve job-embedded professional development, system-wide change, training of trainers, and resource development.

Prior to coming to World Education, Andy was a lecturer in the Graduate Bilingual/ESOL Studies Department of the University of Massachusetts at Boston and worked with the MA Department of Education to provide technical assistance to workplace education partnerships throughout the state.