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This site allows you to use the Lexile Framework to find the level for a whole book. Type the name of a book into the upper right-hand corner of the site where "Quick Book Search" is indicated, and the Lexile level for the book will pop up on the screen. Compare that with the table in CCRS Reading...
This site allows you to choose from among several different readability formulas, and it formats the passage in a way that can be useful for fluency practice (timed readings).
If you have a particular article, passage, or short story you want to use with students, this free website is a good go-to for figuring out if it's in the ballpark for the level of students you are teaching (using Reading Anchor Standard 10). The website offers a variety of readability formulas for...
Thank you for stopping at the DL and Tech Support resource table at the 2015 CCR Conference. I know handouts with lots of links drive me crazy. I've collected all the handouts together in this one document for you to have in digital format. This will allow you to click through the links easily...
Document, Recording
This is an article/audio interview with Richard Stiggins, who is an advocate of classroom assessments in student learning. He talks about what formative assessment is and isn't and he explains the purposes and the benefits.
The authors outline a "clear-cut, realistic, and rewarding approach" to formative assessment. They explain four steps and how the steps work together to create a "seamless, comprehensive, formative assessment system". The approach helps to develop communication between teachers and students to...
Formative assessments can improve both teaching and learning if you follow the ten principles outlined in this article. The steps include: (1) Help students understand the role of formative assessment. (2) Begin with clear KUDs. (3) Make room for student differences. (4) Provide instructive...
Definitions of formative assessment vary, but most people agree that it has the power to yield information about what students are learning while they are learning it.
Video, Website
This is a link a video about curriculum embedded assessments and how they are used in Massachusetts classrooms.
This site is a classic reference about occupations from A to Z. Compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it includes a description of the work, training, and education needed for a specific occupation, the earnings for that occupation, and expected job prospects.