Thank you to Joan Schottenfeld at BCYF Perkins for this curriculum example. This resource includes the following:

  • ELA Scope and Sequence for ABE students GLE 4–8 and 9–12
  • Unit from that Scope and Sequence titled "Human Dignity: WWII and the Holocaust," for both GLE 4–8 and 9–12
  • Four accompanying CCR Standards-aligned lesson plans for that unit, created just for GLE 4-8 and incorporating STAR

You may use and adapt these curriculum materials to fit the students and circumstances in your program.

Note that while the Scope and Sequence and the Unit are generally for GLE 4–8 and 9–12, the Lesson Plans are only for GLE 4–8.

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ABE/Adult Education
Civics Education
Curriculum Development
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