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Support student outcomes by using standards-aligned curriculum and instruction.

Good idea! So...what does it mean to be standards-aligned?

Three main characteristics of a standards-aligned ELA class include:

  1. Texts worth reading / listening to;
  2. Questions worth discussing and answering; and
  3. Assignments worth writing / speaking (and assessing, as a teacher).


  • Are the tasks worth the time involved?
  • Are the texts well written, interesting, relevant, and useful for building knowledge and achieving your objectives?
  • Do the questions asked in class, or the questions that students research or respond to in writing, promote thinking?
  • How are standards translated into activities that productively engage adult learners?

Potential Next Steps:

  1. Clarify and prioritize curriculum needs
  2. Address specific topics of concern
  3. Extend knowledge about the College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education (CCRSAE) and about standards-based curriculum development and implementation
  4. Make the ELA standards come alive in your classrooms


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