Program Support PD Center: All Resources, Research and Curriculum

Employability Standards: Implementation Guide for Instructional Practices
This concise rubric outlines teaching strategies and related classroom activities for each of ten professional standards.
Foundational Skills Framework: Resources
This tool blends a skills self-appraisal chart with numerous competency checklists covering content and life-skill areas.
Guide to ELA Classroom Activities That Promote Life Skills, College, and Career Readiness
"This Guide provides suggested classroom tasks that combine the academic knowledge and skills described by CCR Standards with behaviors and composite skills needed to succeed in college, workplace, and civic life."
Transitions Integration Framework
This comprehensive rubric "defines the academic, career, and employability skills essential for adult learners to successfully transition to post-secondary education, career training, the workplace, and to enrich community involvement."
Addressing Implicit Bias
This webinar, presented April 2019, posits that we all have implicit biases. The challenge: how do we acknowledge and respond to such biases? Numerous criteria, examples, assumptions, and recommended steps are included.
Considering Culture in the Selection of Teaching Approaches for Adults
This resource is a two-page digest that outlines the varied beliefs, assumptions, and approaches that affect teaching diverse student populations, along with recommended steps.
Cultural Proficiency: Tools for Secondary School Administrators
This resource outlines the reactive versus proactive responses to cultural differences, along with related action steps for teachers and administrators.
Flipping Our Scripts About Undocumented Immigration
This resource is a guide to several of the historical mainstream assumptions made about US immigrants, including their presumed roles and benefits once here.
Rethinking What We Say About -- and to -- Students Every Day
This four-page document highlights the stereotypical views that some teachers and administrators hold towards their students, along with a few probing discussion questions.
Why It’s So Hard to Talk to White People About Racism
This four-page resource is a summation of the embedded historical and social beliefs, practices, and assumptions which often frame interracial communications and relationships.