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A Toolkit to Engage Employers and Opportunity Youth on the Future of Work
A 24-page guide from the Aspen Institute which provides “practical guidelines and tools for learning about the nature (skills, tasks, and responsibilities) and structure (schedule, location, scale, and employment classification) of work locally. It includes a framework with questions to guide...
Aspen Family Prosperity Innovation Community Index
This 24-page publication from the Aspen Institute provides links and brief annotations for resources and organizations which help bolster family and community economic stability and growth.
Cultural Humility
This half-hour documentary “mixes poetry with music, interviews, archival footage, and images of community, nature and dance to explain what Cultural Humility is and why we need it…. Cultural Humility is a process of communal reflection to analyze the root causes of suffering and create a broader,...
Culture, Language, and Learning in the Age of Diversity Explosion
This nine-page CAL Commentary provides a succinct overview of the importance of understanding students’ varied cultural identities and experiences. Key teacher practices and linked resources are included.
The Roadmap for Racial Equity
A 68-page report from the National Skills Coalition which “[lays] out the pervasive issues of racism and exclusion in the workforce and education systems, as well as potential solutions for remedying these persistent problems.”
Critical Multicultural Pavilion: Research Room
This lengthy bibliography links to articles and essays on progressive, transformative, multicultural, social justice, and liberatory teaching and learning by educators around the world. (Note: click on titles to retrieve resources.)
Diversity Education: Activities (University of Houston)
This web page offers 15 classroom activities, exercises, and discussion guides to help address cultural and racial issues.
Five Competencies for Culturally Competent Teaching and Learning
This short article posits that culturally competent teaching and learning demands respect for others. Experiences based on various traditions, norms, and values inform ways of knowing and learning.
How to Engage a Group of Diverse Adult Learners in a Way That Also Raises Rigor and Increases Learning
This book chapter explains that by implementing simple strategies that create conditions and opportunities for adults to construct meaning in culturally affirming ways, it is possible for cognition and understanding to improve significantly.
Microaggressions in the Classroom (University of Denver)
This article was developed to assist faculty, instructors and teaching assistants in addressing and preventing microaggressions in the classroom, whether committed by faculty or by students.