Educational leadership makes a difference and has a significant correlation with high quality teaching and student achievement, with the determining factor being whether leaders focus on and understand the appropriate changes needed to improve their schools, as well as the leadership practices associated with implementing those changes.

Strong educational leaders know the value of teacher leaders who help to forge a shared vision and are vested in decision-making related to program improvement. Significant impact on academic achievement is realized when leaders actively empower teachers to engage in collaborative and self-directed professional learning.

The SABES Program Support PD Center provides support intended to build the capacity of directors to move from transactional to transformative leaders who create opportunities for staff development that promotes teacher leadership and innovative solutions.

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Educational Leadership & Program Management: Upcoming Events


Volunteer Coordinators Sharing Group (Online Facilitated)

The Volunteer Coordinators Sharing Group is an opportunity to meet with other staff who work with volunteers to network, share...


Student Leadership: Leveraging the Power of Student Voice: Part 1 (Online Facilitated)

Research shows that centering student voice in the life of a program increases student persistence by fostering student engagement, cultivating...


Directors Sharing Group—Boston (Online Facilitated)

The Directors Sharing Group is an opportunity to meet with other directors from your region to network, share resources and...

Educational Leadership & Program Management: Resources, Research and Curriculum


As we head back to school, the Program Support PD Center has gathered a few of our favorite resources for educational leaders in the "Quick Start...


Please review the attached document for details about the new ACLS and SABES FY23 Digital Literacy Advisory Group. We are in the process of recruiting...

Research/Evidence-Based Practice

A Different Way: Reorienting Adult Education Toward Democracy and Social Justice is a white paper that examines how adult basic skills programs have...

Educational Leadership & Program Management: Our Team