Camera Lens for focusing  ELA Lens: CCRSAE & Standards-Based Teaching

Standards-based teaching refers to an approach to curriculum and instruction that is centered on learning standards. The learning standards used for ABE in Massachusetts are the College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education (Pimentel, 2013). You will often see these standards referred to as the CCRSAE. This page is a portal to tools and resources related to the CCRSAE for ELA/Literacy.

The Standards

About the Standards

When making curricular or instructional decisions, ask the following questions:

  • Are the unit/lesson objectives clearly aligned to the CCRSAE-ELA?
  • Are there a realistic number of standards to do justice to them all in the time available?
  • Are learners (1) engaged students with complex text/academic language, (2) focused on evidence, and/or (3) building knowledge? (three instructional shifts)
  • Do students have opportunity to integrate the skills from several standards in robust tasks?
  • Are assessments tied to the CCRSAE?

Tools and Resources

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