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The SABES Mathematics and Adult Numeracy Curriculum & Instruction PD Center is managed by the Adult Numeracy Center at TERC. Our center provides high-quality professional development (PD) so that teachers can better help adult learners understand how math is present and relevant in everyday life, and how learners can use this knowledge to improve their own lives and communities. 

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Looking for information on the Curriculum for Adults Learning Math (CALM)? Visit the CALM website.


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  • Apr 6﹣26 CALM Introduction (self-paced online course) REGISTER HERE
  • Apr 7﹣May 4 Using the Math Proficiency Guide to Become a More Effective Math Teacher (self-paced online course) REGISTER HERE
  • Apr 11 Getting Students to Talk in Math Class (online facilitated) REGISTER HERE
  • Apr 12 LD Teaching Strategies for Math (online facilitated) REGISTER HERE
  • Apr 25 & 27 How Grand Is Your Total? Teaching Properties, Equality, and the Power of Place Value (online facilitated series) REGISTER HERE
  • Apr 26 - May 3 Creating Your Math Classroom Culture (online blended) REGISTER HERE


  • May 2﹣22 CALM Introduction (self-paced online course) REGISTER HERE
  • May 3﹣23 English Learners in the ABE Math Classroom (self-paced online course) REGISTER HERE
  • May 9  Building Algebra from Early Geometry Concepts (online facilitated) LINK COMING SOON
  • May 17 & 24 Will This Be on the Test? (online facilitated series) LINK COMING SOON
  • May 19 BeCALM Multiplication: Remote-Ready Curriculum for Beginning Math Learners (online facilitated) REGISTER HERE 



Summaries of all the PD workshops and courses we are able to offer can be found here. Contact our Center if your program would like to request a specific event.


Here are some of the many other services we offer:

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  • Our blog: Check out the monthly blogs, written by our team and by teachers who have worked with our PD Center.

Contact us: Would you like to bring math PD to your program, suggest a resource, or ask a question? We’re here! Contact our director, Heidi Schuler-Jones, at, or email

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CALM Introduction (Self-Paced Modules)

This course is designed for teachers who are using or want to use the Curriculum for Adults Learning Math (CALM)...


Using the Math Proficiency Guide to Become a More Effective Math Teacher (Self-Paced Modules)

The Mathematics Proficiency Guide for Teachers of Adult Education is one of several companion pieces to the MA Professional Standards...


Getting Students to Talk in Math Class (Online Facilitated)

Does discussion belong in math class? Yes! Talking about math leads to deeper understanding for both teachers and students. Through...

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Math & Numeracy: Resources, Research and Curriculum


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